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Share Savings Account

  • A $25 balance is required to earn a dividend.
  • Dividends are paid quarterly.
  • Payroll deduction is available.

Christmas Clubs

  • No minimum balance required.
  • Penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Member may start an account at any time.
  • Dividends are paid annually in October.
  • Payroll deduction is available.

Certificates of Deposit

  • Available in  1 year  in length.  
  • Interest rate is locked in.
  • Minimum of $250 required.
  • Dividends are paid quarterly.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's)

  • Can have a IRA Share or Certificate Account.
  • IRA Certificates   1  year in length.
  • Can have Traditional or Roth  IRAs.
  • Dividend rates are paid quarterly.
  • May be payroll-deducted where available.
  • Rollovers and direct transfers accepted.


  • Loan forms are simple and easy to fill out.
  • Finance charge only on the unpaid balance.
  • No penalty for early pay-off.  
  • Payroll deduction is available.

Types of Loans Available

  • Educational  personal loans
  • New Vehicle Loans
  • Used Vehicle Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Secured loans
  • Share Secured Loans














Additional Services

  • Enterprise Car Sales in Beaver County
  • Payroll deductions welcomed for most of the services we offer
  • Family membership — Once you become a member, any of your immediate family members are eligible to join
  • Once a member, always a member. Your account will stay open even if you move, change jobs or retire. We will not close your account unless you ask
  • All of our services can be easily handled through the mail or over the phone



  • NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund) insures each member's account up to $250,000
  • The NCUSIF is an insurance fund of the U.S. federal government which the NCUA manages.  
  • Member/connect Groups Insurances

Service — The Most Important Idea We have To Offer

  • You are the owner of the credit union
  • You are treated as an individual member of the credit union
  • You are not treated as an account or a number
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